Classic Encounters

Classic Encounters

World Premier of Classic Encounters

Classic Encounters is the first full length dance work curated and performed by Subhash Viman Gorania, which reveals his dramatic journey into dance and his fascination with lighting to amplify mythical and urban environments on stage. Through his creative skills as an artist and storyteller, he brings Indian Gods alive, portrays characters from everyday life and reveals how he danced his way out of trouble, whilst growing up in Leicester.

Gary Clarke has provided overall artistic and narrative elements to Classic Encounters, weaving together sections choreographed by four female international collaborators Veena Basavarajaih; Chitraleka Bolar; Rukmini Vijayakumar and Preeti Vasudevan. Lighting design has been developed by Hector Murray and Andy Hamer with musical composition by Shammi Pithia, Niraj Chag and Raghu Dixit.


This collaboration has emerged from international encounters between artists living in Birmingham, Bangalore, New York, London and Leicester!

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‘I discover dance…my life changed…never looked back’

Event Dates

15/10/2019 - 7:30 pm
MAC, Birmingham B12 9QH
23/10/2019 - 7:45 pm
Curve Theatre, Leicester LE1 1SB

The Artist - Subhash Viman Gorania

Artistic Director and Choreographer, Morph Dance Company Owing to the Covid closure of theatres and opportunities to perform Subhash Viman made his company Morph Dance Company dormant for the year July 2021 – 2022.  He has continued his freelance carer […]