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Family Fun Day in Perry Hall Park

The Family Fun Day in Perry Hall Park on July 16th 2022.  All the 13 schools, who had received 6 sessions of dance and craft sessions to build their costume and headdress were involved. 225 children performed from the school groups with 26 Teachers present and many family and friends to support them. T

The 5 ACE youth and adult dance groups (total 83 Adult and youth dancers were present) wearing the amazing colourful costumes of 11 Caribbean flowers designed by Clary Salandy and processional costumes designed by Anna Lewis. The event was hosted in a marquee in Perry Hall Park and the procession led by Community Flora (worn by Bano the lead artist) followed by 15 KCM women in their hand crafted headdresses danced around the park by the Community Orchard and main entrance.

The Reggae Choir conducted by Carol Pemberton sang the commissioned Anthem We Rise by Ken Burton and the Commonwealth schools choir (drawn from 5 schools) sang the anthem Let’s Come Together composed by Peter Daley and co-written lyrics with the young people.

The Family Fun Day was very well organised, well attended and thoroughly enjoyable. Children and audience participation was good. It was the first Carnival of this scale to be seen in Perry Hall Park in my life time and we would like more of the same in the future – so good to be part of this.

- Helen Banks, Friends of Perry Hall Park

The impact of this project has been phenomenal for the community and organisations involved. It has been heart-warming and powerful to see young people coming together to show their talents and observe the impact that community organisations (from NBA) have had.

- Merisha Stevenson BBC Radio WM