Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer

In Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer, Shane shares his life experience of growing up in London, speaking two languages and living within many more cultures. He reveals how he overcame obstacles to live his dream – to perform Indian dance and stories in a way that could speak to the cultural landscape he grew up in. His story is familiar to all those who have moved cities, migrated from other countries and struggled to create the cultural world of their dreams and lived experience.


‘Shane is a highly skilled performer and theatre maker and the piece is funny, moving and offers a much-needed perspective in today’s political climate. The show deserves to be seen widely.– Poppy Keeling, Associate Producer, Complicite


Creator & Performer: Shane Shambhu
Playwright: Jonathan Lichtenstein
Composer: Surinder Sandhu
Research Collaborator: Mark Hamilton
Dramaturgy: Donald Hutera
Bharatanatyam Mentor: Pushkala Gopal
Set and Costume Design: Bettina John
Video Design: Martin McLellan Dewar
Lighting Design: Prema Mehta
Technical Production Manager: Daniel Ellis
Artistic Direction and Choreography Shane Shambhu
Producer: Ginnie Wollaston
R&D Producer: Lia Prentaki


This pre-tour production has been made possible with Arts Council

Funding and support from Complicite and Dance Four.


The Research and Development of this work was supported by

Akademi, Cambridge Junction, DanceEast, E15 Acting School,

Essex Cultural Diversity Project, Lakeside Theatre, Norwich

Arts Centre, Sampad and The Place.


With thanks to Go Live Festival; Deniz; Chitra; Sean; Steve Watson

01h 15m
Sunday, Jul 23, 2017 Queen's Theatre Hornchurch
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02h 00m
Saturday, Jul 29, 2017 Rich Mix, Bethnal Green
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