Game Changer

Game Changer is the first triple bill of solo works for Morph Dance Company created and performed by Subhash Viman. Subhash has collaborated with three contemporary choreographers TJ Lowe; Veena Basavarajaiah and Saju Hari to create an evening of thought provoking pieces that explore personal experiences and social issues.

Three bears witness to the stages of human life from birth to the enlightening freedom of youth and the inevitability of death choreographed by  Theo ‘TJ’ Lowe supported by Humanhood as artistic mentors.

In Metamorphic Subhash collaborates with Indian choreographer Veena Basavarajaiah to create a seriously playful work exploring the multiple identities of a modern man.

Fly From is an abstract work choreographed by Saju Hari which investigates peaceful protest and more extreme acts of resistance influenced by the Standing Man of Taksim Square in Istanbul and the struggles of Buddhist Monks in Tibet.


Collaborator and Performer Subhash Viman

Choreographers:                 TJ Lowe; Veena Basavarajaiah and Saju Hari.

Composers:                          Niraj Chag (Metamorphic); Carl Stevenson (Fly from)

Lighting Designer:               Andy Hamer

Producer:                              Ginnie Wollaston (Moving Souls Dance)

Artistic mentors:                   Humanhood, Jean Abreu;

During the creation period for Game Changer the following organisations supported the R&D: Sampad;  DanceXchange and Phyzzical who produced and developed the R&D period of the three works 

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01h 30m
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
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