Daksha Sheth Dance Company

Moving Souls Dance first met this company in 2000 and brought their previous show Shiva Shakti to London and Edinburgh Festival to critical acclaim. Now we are working with them again to offer educational and training opportunities for dancers circus practitioners and children in Primary Schools the opportunity to engage and learn some practical skills relating to Indian dance and music traditions.

They took their professional tour of Sari  to Mac Birmingham on the 23rd September as part of the Birmingham Weekender Festival 2017. This tour was part of a government sponsored celebration, to celebrate India’s 70 years of Independence. They also expanded their tour to Glasgow and Edinburgh as well.

Their range of work includes aerial dance, martial art forms, live percussion and a company of 6 performers choreographed by Daksha Sheth and composed by Devissaro to recreate the ambiance of the traditional arts of weaving, related to cotton and satin.

We have held music and dance workshops in primary schools within the Dudley, Birmingham and Leicester area as well as hosting an aerial dance workshop at the MAC in Birmingham.

One commentator from a school in Birmingham stated that it was ‘one of the best workshops we have seen in the school’,  participants were so excited to learn something new.