DIANA Programme

The DIANA Programme is taking place in both Newtown and Aston, Birmingham and evaluated by ourselves, Moving Souls Dance.

The incredibly talented ACE Dance and Music received funding from Birmingham City Council which has allowed them to plan and create a unique programme of dance for 6 lucky primary schools in the Newtown and Aston areas from May 2017-May 2018.

Each school will have six practical dance sessions which will be led by the talented professional dancers from ACE dance and music company allowing the children to gain an insight into the roots and inspiration for the dancers’ music and dance style.The children will not only learn a dance, they will also be in charge of creating their own sections for a show that will be performed in public.

Moving Souls Dance are evaluating this pilot programme so that an important legacy of dance both in schools and after school can be created and sustained in Newtown and Aston. The DIANA programme aims to leave a legacy in these schools and set up a performing dance group that will make Aston and Newtown proud!

The ACE Dance and Music outreach team have successfully delivered the pilot programme of the DIANA programme in three Primary Schools in Aston.

Let’s see what they have been up to…

Iona and Chris led the Finale Event with Year 3 Pupils from St. Chads Primary School. The pupils teacher commented:

“All the children got involved, they tried their best and seemed very happy. The dance style was creative and they learnt to work within a group, remembering the different steps. They learnt really quickly following instructions and actions”

These photos were taken from Sacred Heart Primary School in Aston. One of the teachers commented:

“The pupils loved the energy & culture of the African dance and developed their own choreography led by the dance artists from ACE dance and music. The children reacted well to the style of dance and enjoyed the different style of movement and music.”

We are looking forward to what ACE have in store for the remainder of the programme and will keep you posted. Our very own Ginnie Wollaston is especially excited:

“Delighted by the evaluation results from the pilot programme working in 3 Primary Schools in Aston. ACE dance and music team led by Iona (Education Manager) and Gail Parmel (Artistic Director) with a team of dance artists was a privilege to watch and observe the development of skills and interest over 6 weeks. Head teachers, form tutors and parents watched the final sharings of work in all three schools and most were blown away by how much the students had learn both in terms of progression of dance skills and performing a final dance to a public! What can they do next…the potential has been revealed so now we want to build more focused work to produce a Christmas show and invite a wider public.”