Past Participatory Events

During our first year of operation 2017-18, we produced 2 two solo shows reaching 1750 audiences and participants. Through partnering with other arts and conservation organisations we engaged in 6 projects involving over 1,000 participants (aged 6 – 86 years) and reached 210,000 audiences through live interaction.

Route 34: Embracing Cultures

Family Fun Day in Perry Hall Park The Family Fun Day in Perry Hall Park on July 16th 2022.  All the 13 schools, who had received 6 sessions of dance and craft sessions to build their costume and headdress were […]

Daksha Sheth Dance Company residency October 2017

Moving Souls Dance managed a week long residency with Daksh Sheth Dance Company following their performance of Sari – the Unsticthed at mac Birmingham in September 2017.  Moving Souls Dance worked with the performers from the DSDC – Tao, Devissaro […]

Artful Migration – 2018

This pilot artist in residence programme was set up by Moving Souls Dance with an original donation of funding by George C Clarke (uncle to Ginnie Wollaston). We worked with WWT Caerlaverock and We are Upland to recruit a visual […]

DIANA project

DIANA project – Dancing in Aston & Newtown with ACE dance and music This project was completed during 2017 – 18 and involved Moving Souls Dance as evaluators and project support to ACEDM education team to develop their skills in […]

Carnival 50 – Summer 2017

We had so much fun dancing along the streets of Chapeltown Leeds for the 50th Anniversary Leeds Carnival, with a large Festival parade of over 35 different troupes, seen by 80,000 audience.  As it was our first carnival parade, Nicholas […]

Upcoming Events