About Us

Moving Souls Dance

Ginnie and Nicholas founded Moving Souls Dance in 2017. We combine our skills, knowledge and passions in producing quality dance and arts management and participatory projects with young people and communities, where the interaction engages the heart in the art making.

We provide opportunities for artists, participants and audiences to engage in cultural dialogue that touch on important issues of our day and challenge our thinking. We offer guidance on funding projects, artist development and targeted work with harder to reach participants and communities in the Midlands. We work in partnership with arts and community organisations on collaborative ventures and create larger scale works to reach a wider public.

We are building art programmes which resonate with our interest in the environment and wildlife conservation. We are already working to set up an artist in residence in South West Scotland, with the focus on bird migrations, which will be linked with international partners.

As individuals, we believe in the urgent need to build safe places for conversations to be nurtured and developed across cultural, spiritual and age divisions. We facilitate the opportunity for people’s voices and responses to be heard so that we can all participate in new and challenging conversations in an open and honest manner. We embrace this debate through social media as well as promoting the need for face to face interactions.