Stepping up to the COP 26 challenge

MSD are proud to be working in partnership with Footsteps and Climate Action Network West Midlands (CANWM) to co-ordinate activities and events to raise awareness of the COP 26 summit being hosted in Glasgow in November 2021.  Full details of these events will be listed on our facebook pages as well as and websites:  and

Workshops for 7 – 11 years olds will be delivered by MSD as part of a modular Small Footsteps programme. MSD will offer To Earth with Love, helping participants to engage with nature in their back garden and identify all that they can see, touch, smell and observe. Young people will be encouraged to design a textile panel for the Loving Earth project and develop their skills to gain a Birmingham Park Stars Ambassador Certificate.

The second workshop entitled Refuse, Re-think, Recycle will investigate what we do with our rubbish in the bin bags which our council collections take away. We will see how much of our current waste of food, plastic, paper and cardboard can be recycled and re-used instead of being burnt, so polluting the air with CO2 and N02 emissions.  We need young people to help re-think this behaviour and find better solutions in order to reduce emissions by 50% over the next 10 years as this is what COP 26 is all about.  We need all hands on board to make this change!

We want to engage with Young People aged 16 – 25 to give them a voice and a platform for their creative words, actions and spoken word poetry.  We will be offering 2 workshops led by Woodbrooke facilitators with a spoken word poet and textile artist to create and record their contributions that can be showcased in the Green Coalition Great Big Green Week in Birmingham during September 18th – 26th

Details of the workshops will be advertised on the events page here.