Daksha Sheth Dance Company Residency Week – PT2

Daksha Sheth Dance Company Residency Week – PT2

The Daksha Sheth Dance Company Residency Week consisted of various workshops for Primary School Pupils and for Youth Dancers from the MAC.

This blog will focus on the aerial and rope workshop with Young Dancers from Rogueplay which were conducted between 11th-12th October by Isha Sharvani.

The workshop included:

Brief introduction to Indian Dance and their contemporary work – this drew on classical and martial art forms and other aerial work.

Introducing students to dance and aerial work – this is the main part of the workshop. This will include exploring both Indian martial art form and aerial rope work that is combined in the performance work of the Daksha Sheth Dance Company

Choreographic Tasks – The workshop will culminate in a short opportunity for participants to develop their own choreography using the elements of dance and aerial work during the workshop.

Demonstration – Near the end of the workshop, Isha Sharvani may demonstrate to participants a sequence of movements that were used during Sari to show how the company itself is trying to develop it’s style.