Veniece Patel Birmingham Festival 23: 5th August

ACE Dance & Music: Soca Ram-Jam

Birmingham Festival 2023, Soca Ram-Jam, was an event filled with vibrant colour and was eye-catching to say the least. Live steelpan drummers engaged the audience with carnival dancing and costumes, encouraging all participants to feel part of this community. Now that is what I call the true carnival experience, everyone coming together as one!

The rain didn’t stop us from having the true carnival vibes in the Birmingham Rep as we celebrated and partied away on Jamaica Day. ACE dance and music really showed what carnival culture from the Caribbean could bring to us in Birmingham. We celebrated this wonderful occasion with musicians, dancers and drummers from 5 years to adults, who are part of their dance class programme, together with partners from London and Amsterdam. What an amazing event filled with family fun and a cultured learning experience.

July 23rd Community Spirit 2023 in Symphony Hall Birmingham

What can I say, it was an event full of bright smiles through singing, reminding us of all the importance of being kind to our earth. B Music in partnership with Carol Pemberton from Black voices worked extremely hard to curate an afternoon of choirs performing beautiful songs devoted to our earth. The title alone community spirit united communities through their love of music to engage with audiences and share issues around climate change and culture.

The unique final piece was a joint mass choir song composed by Birmingham’s poet Laureate, Jasmine Gardosi. This final piece emphasised various performance styles of singing, poetry/spoken word/, music and beatboxing to produce an exciting integrated piece. We look forward to Birmingham welcoming more community events joining us as one community.

Veniece Patel

Carnival is Colour New Art Gallery July 14th

Our producers, Shireenah Ingrem and Veniece Patel had their first opportunity in a work placement to assist children and young people perform their Carnival dances in front of each other. 7 school groups from Walsall (Key Stage 2) performed in the New Art Gallery on July 14th along with 5 groups of children and young people from ACE dance and music class programme.
Over the following blog posts you can see how their work placements offered new skills in how to develop producer skills for Caribbean Carnival dance and music events along with partner ACE dance and music and Black Voices.  Catch some of their enthusiasm and observations!